Seed Warts Treatment Methods

Seed Warts Treatment

Seed warts are fleshly growths or unattractive lesions on the skin and seed warts treatment can be very difficult. They grow on fingers, toes, feet and other sensitive areas of the body like mouth and ano-genital regions.

They carry black seed like spots hence the origin of the name seed warts. They start out initially as tiny skin protrusions, but later develop tiny spots, which are caused by the breaking and scabbing of blood tissues.

Other types of warts have close similarities to seed warts, but are less common and are in some cases easier to contain. The different types of warts are common warts, genital warts, plantar warts and seed warts.

How To Get Rid of Seed Warts?

The Human Papilloma Virus HPV is the causative organism of seed warts, especially the type one. HPV is generally a virus with no cure just like the HIV, but unlike the latter it is less fatal except for some cases of cancer, their highest damage is the wart.

Is there hope for seed warts treatment?

Seed warts are treated medically in a few ways, although there are many unorthodox methods of treating it, most of them will never really pass as treatment because there is no professional confirmation of their results.

removing seed warts pictureThe goal of treating any ailment is to cure it; however, in the case of seed warts cure might not really be the goal. It is very difficult to tell if seed warts have been cured or not so as we take a look at these seed warts treatment methods, it would be helpful if one understands that they are actually ways of removing seed warts and there could be a possible re-growth at any time.

The seemingly harmless nature of seed warts makes some people infected with it to believe there is no cause for alarm, but as it spreads all over its effect also tends to spread around and could make the skin an eyesore.

Removing Seed Warts

The first seed warts treatment mostly applied is the use of Salicylic Acid to attack the exact position of the warts. The acid attacks the seed wart head and kills off its supply of moist rendering it weak against the human defence system.

Salicylic Acid Treatment

Ordinary Salicylic Acid can irritate the normal skin because of its high reactivity and this also scare many people with seed warts because they think their whole skin will end up damaged after removal, but the reaction of Salicylic Acid on the skin is not permanent and should wear off in time.

Ointments Treatment

Some Dermatologically tested ointments are also very effective in seed warts treatment. Amongst the lot the most prescribed are Imiquimod and Bleomycin. These two have been tested and trusted to provide very quick effect in combating fat spreading seed warts as they gradually kill off the surface of existing growths and prevent growth of the new ones. The only reversal to the usage of these ointments is that they have to be discontinued after all the warts have been cleared leaving the skin vulnerable again to subsequent attacks.

Cryotherapy Treatment

For those who probably have phobias for having acidic substances on their skin, Cryotherapy is a good option. Cryotherapy is a type of seed warts treatment that involves freezing the warts and removing them with scalpels. It is a very simple process and many Dermatologist can perform this therapy in their treatment rooms.

Freezing is achieved by the use of liquefied Nitrogen, known for its high freezing point at room temperature it is an excellent choice. It is sprayed directly on the warts until the area is frozen and the warts are removed with a scalpel. The process is safe and effective; the only disadvantage is that it will leave a scar on the spot of removal.

Surgical Methods

Surgery is used in very severe cases of seed warts; most times it is used only in cases were all other method have failed. There are two types of surgical methods, the conventional surgery and the laser surgery.

Laser surgery is a modernized way of removing growths hence its use in removing seed warts produces very high results and the process is quick and painless. A laser beam is used to cut out the growth from inside and this causes the wart to fall off. The process is very expensive and is not readily available in lesser developed places.

The conventional surgery is a minor surgical procedure whereby surgical instruments are used to peel off the tiny growths. It is quite an uncomfortable procedure and it is also very expensive to carry out, so the process also is reserved for the extreme cases of seed warts.

Seed warts treatments are in different stages so, before one decides on any course of how to get rid of seed warts, it is wise to initially determine the stage of the seed wart. Whatever the procedure chosen, the results are not always permanent and it might require further ingestion of immune system building drugs to put out the menace permanently.

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